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Our R&D center is located in Shenyang National Science and Technology Town, which is specialized in consistency evaluation for generic drugs and new drugs development. The R&D team is composed of pharmaceutical elites such as doctors, masters and bachelors from home and abroad. The company has invited many leading experts of pharmaceutical preparation, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmaceutical chemistry, and clinical trial, providing strong technical support for generic consistency evaluation and new drug research and development.

The company is guided by the philosophy of “Truth, norm, integrity, compliance and innovation” to engage in offering generic drugs consistency evaluation and new drugs development of one-step services for customers, including consistency evaluation of generic drugs and BE study, new drug development services; API synthesis and improvement, analytical method establishment, genetic impurities study, impurity profiling research, four phases clinical trials, biological samples analysis, data statistics, reports writing and on-site verification, etc.

R&D center consists of a team 62 personnel, with 100 percent master’s degree and above educational background, 12 of whom are technical backbones and have years of experience in drug development and generic consistency evaluation. Our laboratory covers an area of 1200 square meters, with multiple testing equipment such as LC-MS/MS, HPLC, and cryogenic refrigerators as well. The data auditing system guarantees the traceability and authenticity of initial data to provide strong technical support and services to customers. The company integrates international and standardized R&D concept with national policies and regulations, striving to create a joint development platform for the company and customers to achieve a win-win situation.

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